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Custom bar design

Designing a custom bar for your home or business is easy!  Here are the 5 simple steps:

1.  LOCATION - Select the space for the bar.  Often, there are a couple options where a bar might be located within the room, so make sure you consider traffic flow around the bar, functionality for the bartender and comfort for your guests.
2.  CONCEPT- What will the bar look like, how many seats, and what elements would you like included with your bar?  You can begin with a simple sketch that includes the shape of the bar (including dimensions), where it will attach to the wall, number of seats, etc.  Also collecting photos of the type of bar you like can be helpful in creating a plan.  You may like certain elements in each photo, and your bar becomes a collection of all the key features in the photos.  Providing a drawing with dimensions will establish a good starting point to confirm fit in your space, and budget pricing for the bar.   
3.  APPLIANCES - A key part of proper bar design are the appliances that will be included.  These will not only add functionality to the bar, but also become a design element.  Would you like to add a sink?
4.  STYLE -  Select a 1 or 2 level bar, storage and display cabinet details, and decorative details.
5.  OPTIONS - Choose wood species, select stain (or paint) color, sink and countertop options, and accessories for the bar like LED liquor display shelves or a drink return.


Please call us for more information, we'd love to discuss your project and help with building your dream bar!       


Bar layout

It may help adding some tape to the floor to determine size and scale of the bar, appliance fit, and traffic flow.

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