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Identify all parts and pieces of a custom built bar

Front bar shelves

Front bar - One level

Our standard front bars contain a wood countertop with Chicago style bar rail trim, support cabinets with a fixed center shelf, a decorative front "skin", and footrest. The shelves can be ordered as adjustable or with doors.

Simple 8 foot front bar

Front bar - Skin, countertop with Chicago elbow rest trim

To finish the front of the bar, we build a series of recessed panels with heavy profile bed molding.  We simply refer to them as "skins".  We typically use a solid hardwood footrest across the entire length of the bar.  This type of footrest is comfortable no matter which bar stool is selected and provides a nice option versus the arch of your foot supported by a narrow rail of a bar stool. Finally, we use a wood countertop with a traditional Chicago style bar rail.  Much more information on countertops to follow.

Front bar - Countertop descriptions and options

Bar rail Flush cut edge.jpg

Chicago rail flush cut 

Bar rail countertop return.JPG

Chicago rail with return

Chicago Bar rail end wrap countertop.JPG

Chicago rail wrap with return

Nothing adds more beauty and warmth to your bar than a traditional wood countertop.  Most builders and remodelers only offer a limited number of hard surfaces like granite or quartz because they lack custom millwork capabilities.  So natural stone becomes their only option to you.  While these are beautiful options for a kitchen or accents, they quickly transform a bar into resembling a second kitchen. 

Home bar top with drink return
Home bar with wood top and drink shelf

These bar tops are shown with optional drink return ledges.  The perfect touch to show off your favorite bar mat!  More information about the durability of our tops and finish here.

Front bar - Two level with granite work surface

2 level front residential bar
Front bar lower granite countertop
Two level home bar with dark finish
Two level home bar with wood and granite
2 level front bar with granite and wood
Angled home bar with upper wood top and granite

Two level front bars have some limitations.  They add costs to your project (2 countertops, extra chase wall, backsplash), limit the support of the upper countertop, and push the bar into the room further than a single level front bar.

Back bars

Simple back bar for home
Display options for home back bar
Home back bar with corbels and fluted casing
Cherry residential bar with antique leaded glass
Back bar cabinets with liquor display
Commercial back bar display

Back bars are simply a combination of upper and lower cabinets all custom designed and built.  No filler pieces or kitchen cabinet catalog cabinets.  Lower cabinets are typically standard base cabinets with 1 drawer and 1 or 2 recessed panel doors.  Other options include open cabinets for mini appliances, bulk wine storage and sink cabinets. 


The upper bar typically contain a pair of towers (or pair of towers) that sit directly on the back bar counter.  After all, the work surface is rarely used and wall hanging cabinets are more typical in a kitchen, not a bar.  You are able to design whatever you want in the towers.  Individual wine bottle storage, bulk "X" wine bottle storage, stemware holders, any combination of adjustable shelves, and doors.  The upper cabinets come standard with hardwood face frame, but we offer an upgrade to fluted casing with plinth blocks and decorative corbels.

We are able to adjust the width of the towers to accommodate a TV mounted in-between the towers, add a mirror, or a decorative sign.  Finally, we finish the back bar with a 8" tall valance or individual tower wrap, and install crown molding.    

Site obstructions

Our bars are most commonly installed in basements.  This requires all parts and pieces fit down narrow staircases and around tight turns.  All of our bars are made of individual cabinets that are easy to carry with 2 people, and easy to walk into a basement.  Even large tops have seams and the pieces bolt together once in the basement.  

Other site obstructions are typically poles and ceiling soffits.  We design the bars around these obstructions like they weren't even there.  It is very noticeable to change the design to accommodate the obstruction which only make the obstruction more noticeable. 

cabinets for home bar
front panel for home bar
base cabinets for home bar
wall cabinets for home bar
Home bar with pole obstructions
Home pub built around poles
Decorative lights for home bar
Back bar around ceiling obstruction
Cabinet to hide sump pump
Individual home bar cabinets

Home bar options and accessories

Below are a small list of additional features available to incorporate into your home bar system.  The built-in options and accessories are near endless, but these are our most common requests.

Wine bottle display and storage

Wine bottle display home bar
Custom built wine display and storage
Bulk wine storage home pub
Individual bottle storage home pub
Wine bottle storage cabinets
Wine bottle storage with stemware holders

LED liquor display shelves with multi-colored lights

Liquor bottle display shelves
Home back bar with liquor bottle display
3 level liquor bottle display with LED lights
Floating liquor display shelf with LED lights
Home bar liquor display with LED lights
Liquor display shelf with LED lights for home pub

Stemware holders

We make our own stemware racks stained to match the bar.  They are fully adjustable to accommodate the largest margarita glasses to the smallest champagne flutes.  The stemware holders can be mounted almost anywhere in the bar.  

Home bar liquor display with stemware holders
Home pub with 2 zone wine fridge and stemware display
Home pub with custom stemware holders
Back bar with stemware display
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