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Custom built home bars and entertainment centers

Nothing adds more beauty and value to your home than a custom built bar.  It’s our most popular request!  We will design and build your bar to your exact specification including layout, options, and finish.  Our bars are functional, well-built beautiful pieces of furniture that will endure for generations.  

Bar Sizing:

Determining the location and size for the bar is very important.  There must be enough space while behind the bar, and while seated.  If back wall bar cabinets are added, the front seating area is pushed into the room up to an additional two feet.  You also need to be concerned with traffic flow for the remaining areas around the bar.  Locations of TV’s and other entertainment areas will need to be incorporated into the design and layout for maximum comfort and functionality.

  1. Optional back wall cabinets can be adjustable  as room allows.  They can be eliminated all together, 6” simple display shelves, 12” limited display, or 16-24 inch full size display cabinets.  

  2. Recommended walk space between the wall or back cabinets.  Important clearance for max comfort working behind the bar is 36".

  3. Front cabinets can also be adjusted as space allows.  Standard is 12” open shelves, but if a small fridge is used, the cabinets will need to be  24” -28” deep.  NOTE:  Extra deep cabinets create a very wide countertop

  4. Bar stools need a consistent surface to rest on.  A hard surface like wood, laminates, or tile is recommended but carpet is ok.  The important part is that all four legs of the stool rest on the same material.

General Layout:

Once a location in your home has been determined, and we have been able to confirm your bar will fit in the space, we move to general layout options.  Remember, a great bar is beautiful, functional, comfortable, and compliments the room for traffic flow, TV viewing, and other activities that might be happening around the bar.   


The best way to begin designing your custom bar is to start with the functional aspects you would like to include.  Will there be a focus on beer, wine, or liquors?  Will you have a full-sized refrigerator, or small “beer fridge”?  Would you like to store certain items like wine glasses, or will there be a display area to show off the prize scotch collection, or sports memorabilia?

By answering these questions and knowing what you want to store and display, will be key to the overall design.  The components that will be included are incorporated into the design, and ultimately, your bar will begin to build itself. 

Kingsmill offers optional 3D CAD renderings to show exactly what your bar will look like.  We can offer simple designs or the most detailed views 

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